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Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

Benefits of Green Coffee bean extracts

Though Dr. Vinson’s research conducted in 2011 is the one that has been publicized most, there have been many other experiments conducted on the benefits of green coffee bean extract. In a study carried out in 2005 by a Japanese scientist, it has been found that this medicinal capsule is able to reduce hypertension considerably. In another experiment carried out using rats it was discovered that chlorogenic acid which is the main ingredient that brings about health benefits in green coffee bean extract is able to bring down cholesterol content in the liver. Also, it was found that this compound is able to improve glucose tolerance.

Scientific studies on Green Coffee Extract by Dr. Vinson

With scientific research conducted by Dr. Vinson in 2011 it has been found that green coffee bean extract is able to reduce obesity in people without making significant changes in their diets and exercise routines. This effect is attributed to the chlorogenic acid present in this beverage. Presently, green coffee been extract is available in capsule form with each capsule containing 800 milligrams of extract. This could be taken straight away instead of making brew out of powdered green coffee in order to extract the ingredients available in it.

Green coffee bean extract also has a good concentration of anti oxidants. While chlorogenic acid is also a good antioxidant there is a good content of caffeic acid in this beverage too. However, in regular coffee that is being prepared with roasted coffee powder or extract is devoid of these two chemicals as they are eliminated in the roasting process. Anti oxidants are able to protect the body from free radicals which cause a lot of destruction by deforming other cells which could even end up causing cancer. When one takes green coffee bean extract he could prevent the ill effects of free radicals.

Since coffee is a crop on which a lot of pesticides are being used it is necessary for one to buy organic coffee in case he wants to get the maximum out of the pure green coffee bean extract. Since it is also available in capsule form even one who is not an avid coffee drinker could take a capsule that contains 800 mg of green coffee bean extract twice daily with water in order to get its full benefits.

What is the most important benefit?

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The most important benefit that is being brought about by green coffee bean extract is the weight loss. Though one could lose weight significantly by taking this supplement daily for a short period of time he doesn’t have to worry about going for rigorous exercise routines or fad diets. While reducing weight, it will also control diabetes as the body mass will come down.

Having no artificial preservatives or coloring and flavoring material also is a benefit offered by green coffee bean extracts. Though they come in capsule form they are extracted out of pure green coffee beans. Therefore, you will never take hazardous chemicals with it. All in all, this new weight loss supplement is going to be the one that will bring in lots of benefits for the future generations. 

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