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The Best Choice- Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

 When Doctor Oz first revealed the unique power and weight loss benefits offered by Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, it was proclaimed as one of the most effective and highly beneficial weight loss supplements in the market. After such media hype and attention, medical science intervened to check the effectiveness of the said product to consumers. Based on numerous experiments and research, the effectiveness of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract goes beyond mere weight loss. While the main benefit of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is weight loss, its other unique features and make this supplement a gold standard for weight management and assurance of good health.

The Key to pure green coffee bean extract

 What makes green coffee bean different from regular coffee beans we are accustomed to be that the beans are used raw and are not roasted. Since it is used in its raw form, the nutritional components and potency of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract far exceeds that of regular roasted coffee beans. On top of that, the selection of coffee bean source increases its value. Only the finest coffee beans are used to ensure that each bean can offer maximum potency and health benefits.  Industry standard nowadays for Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is from the Robusta which contains a higher amount of antioxidant levels and other essential compounds for a healthier body.

 The key component of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is chlorogenic acid. This is a unique phytochemical (found only in plants) that carry antioxidant qualities. Raw Robusta coffee beans contain a higher dosage of chlorogenic acid than roasted beans. This component has been analyzed for its benefits in the body such as blood sugar management, and anti-diabetic features. Of course, its ultimate feature would have to be its capacity to facilitate weight loss. 

 Tests prove that while regular brewed coffee or espresso could contain levels of Chlorogenic acid, the amount may not be too relevant to provide the benefits you need. Consuming chlorogenic acid, according to experts would result to significant benefits compared to simply consuming individual foods or drinking coffee. In the last few years studies on chlorogenic acid had been made to test its unique features on various effects to the body including homocysteine levels, blood glucose, insulin, glycemic control, blood pressure and weight management.

 On a study of 30 subjects, the use of chlorogenic acid in various forms including enriched coffee revealed considerable blood sugar level decrease, meaning the chemical was able to inhibit the absorption of sugars to the bloodstream. That means the reduction of sugar absorption could result to a well-paced, if not, slow effect on weight management for people with issues with obesity. The double blind study was done in a period of 12 weeks. The associated weight loss revealed 5.4 kg losses for healthy subjects compared to 1.7kg weight loss to obese people who do not have much control for their diet. Therefore, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is not directly affective of weight loss, but facilitates the natural progression of weight management through diet by limiting the amount of sugars in the blood.

 The potential of Chlorogenic acid definitely proves very beneficial for consumers, but it also matters that the right proportion of these antioxidants and other components be considered for the potency of the product. This makes our Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements unique from other products out there. We make sure that the potency of Chlorogenic acid can provide potent benefits every time the user consumes the product.  Experts agree that properly balancing the antioxidant components can be very beneficial in increasing its potency.

 A truly high-potency green coffee bean extract has been medically analyzed and tested to ensure top notch potency. The perfect dosage per capsule is 800mg of only the best Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. This can provide a stunning benefit for individuals who want to improve their weight management strategies, and lose the pounds in a safe, well-paced manner.

 The hype of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is not on the speed of weight loss. It is how well regular people are able to see results even without much modification to their regular meal plans and servings.  At the Doctor Oz Show, a test was made to check the effectiveness of the product to the show’s audience, primarily of middle aged women. The test revealed that the weight loss benefits of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract are truly unique, facilitating healthy and well-paced weight loss.

Beyond antioxidant benefits

This unique Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has been scientifically designed to provide the optimum benefits to the body beyond perceived weight loss benefits.

  • Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, particularly its chlorogenic acid components carry hepatoprotective components that can help add protective benefits against liver injuries due to various chemicals.  The said polyphenol also helps in improving plasma levels of AST and ALT.
  • Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract contains caffeic acid and works splendidly with CGA. According to laboratory tests, these two compounds can help in inhibiting cholesterol and certain fatty acids while also improving the beta-oxidation of fatty acids in the liver. These  studies prove that the right levels of chlorogenic acid along with caffeic acid (present in coffee beans)  can help in preventing the risks of obesity by boosting the body’s lipid metabolism especially for those who are used to high fat diets.

Only premium and high quality options for the needs of consumers

For those who want to get the optimum results and want to improve their general health, then this Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is your ultimate solution. If you are satisfied by just moderate results, then you might want a less meticulous product. We recognize the importance of the finding the right kind of coffee bean and the right mixture of high potency components. That is why we take pride of our Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. We are proud of what we offer, because what we offer is the finest and the best Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract in the market. Lose weight, feel great and enjoy the best weight loss experience only from the best choice.

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