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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg with GCA (2 Bottle Special)

  • Pure green coffee bean extract with 50% GCA - 2 Bottle special
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Product Description

Pure Green Coffee Extract 800mg with GCA (2 Bottle Special)

Pure Green Coffee Extract and Its Health Giving Effects

Pure green coffee extract is one of the most promising weight loss supplements that has appeared during the recent past. Its popularity could be seen when you make an online search using this keyword phrase. Hundreds of online stores will come offering you various brands of green coffee bean extract 800mg and capsules that contain 400mg, 200mg and a few other weights of the supplement. Most of these carry the extract that is used by many as a weight loss supplement as well as an antidote against a few other disorders. Since everyone is aware of the good deeds of coffee as a beverage, they also treat this newly found supplement at high esteem.   supplement-facts.jpg

Why people prefer pure green coffee extract over other fat burners

Obesity is not a recent problem that has been found to give enormous problems. Scientists, medical professionals as well as obese people were looking for fat loss remedies for the past few decades and they were able to find quite a few remedies. To get rid of belly fat you have gamma-linolenic acid and for thighs calcium pyruvate is the remedy. While Parsley Tea could remove fat from arms Chitosan is the remedy for fat butts. When it comes to pure green coffee this extract it is able to remove fat deposited at any of these locations as well as anywhere else in the body. Naturally, the green coffee extract Dr Oz also recommended recently will be preferred by anyone who wants to shed extra pounds.

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 How pure green coffee extract removes your body fat to make your slimmer?

There are two factors that help the extract of green coffee bean to bring down your weight.

  • The first thing is to reduce the fat absorption.
  • The second is to dissolve the fat that is already deposited at various locations of the body.

When you take the coffee extract at the right dosage according to how Dr. Oz prescribes chlorogenic acid present in it will be there inside the blood at the right concentration to slow down the absorption of fat you take with your food. Therefore, your blood will have a low fat content. In addition to that chlorogenic acid present in the extract is able to speed up the metabolism of fat. This again will bring down the level of fat left in blood. The end result is that the blood will not have enough fat and the body’s mechanisms will dissolve fat deposits to provide you with a slimmer body.

Proof of fat loss brought about by pure green coffee extract

Various human trials have been undertaken to test the reality of fat loss brought about by pure green coffee bean extract. In one of the trials 100 women were given 400mg capsules three times per day but some of them were not aware that what they got were only placebos. At the end of two weeks all the women were weighed to find that only those who were given real green coffee extract have lost 2 pounds when the average was calculated. Other women also have lost one pound probably because they have concentrated more on their diet during the trial period. This is ample evidence for the good deeds of the extract.

In another trial conducted, 16 obese adults were involved. They were given the extract that Dr OZ also recommended as the weight loss supplement at 700mg and 1050mg quantities per day for 4 months and the subjects were weighed at the end of the specified period. All of them have lost weight and the average was 18 pounds. Naturally, anyone who will see these results will become confident on using pure green coffee bean extract dr oz recommended for obese people to lose weight.

Other benefits of using pure green coffee extract as a supplement

Anyone who uses the extract could expect the following benefits also in addition to losing weight.

  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduced effects of free radicals
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Faster rate of metabolism
  • Lower cholesterol levels

The effect of the extract on blood sugar level is due to the action of chlorogenic acid on glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme. This is the enzyme that promotes the release of glucose into the blood stream by liver. Since Chlorogenic acid present in pure green coffee extract is able to neutralize some of this compound, the blood sugar released into the blood stream will be lowered resulting lower blood sugar levels.

Chlorogenic acid is also able to neutralize free radicals that will harm the cell membranes causing premature wrinkles on the skin to make people look older than they are. Therefore, it is able to make you look younger in case you use green bean coffee extract.

Since pure green coffee extract is able to bring you such a lot of benefits it is a good idea to try it in case you have any of the above problems. You only need to take two 800 mg capsules in order to enjoy these benefits. In case you have difficulties in finding the best brand, you have the option to read green coffee bean extract reviews in order to pick up the right brand. When you choose the right one and use it according to the recommendations of Dr. Oz you are going to end up with a lot of success.

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  1. Thanks for the priority shipping 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2013

    Just got the product in a couple days ago. Started taking it a week ago and have lost 2 pounds. I hope this keeps working

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